4 keys to developing your mission or values openly
How can your mission-driven organization develop its mission openly? Chris Grams explains.
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How to avoid Brandy McBrandface issues when running projects openly
Developing a brand identity isn't easy—but it's even tougher when you don't do it openly. In the first installment of a four-part series, Chris Grams explains how to avoid disasters.
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How to choose the right brand architecture for your open source project
Should your project, product, and company have the same name? Chris Grams shares some important branding considerations for open source companies.
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How to choose a brand name for your open source project
President of branding firm New Kind, Chris Grams, shares tips for naming your open source project to avoid potential expenses and dead ends.
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Woman sitting in front of her computer
The design of everyday things is an important cultural movement. Of that, most of us have no doubt. We want our tools to work flawlessly and naturally. And open source projects are catching up on this too.
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Free and open source software
Robert Lindh is keen to start a conversation about how others fair when selling FOSS solutions and whether its time to re-brand open source? He nominates a new name that he has seen used in FOSS communities as a suitable candidate: Community Software.
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What does community mean to you? Community is an overloaded word, it can mean anything. Community can mean just people who use your product. Or maybe it's those who build your product, or maybe it's the business partners who are using it. Or maybe it's those who are blogging about it.
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open source brand
Download the free All Things Open interview series eBook Being a brand manager for an open source company—like Red Hat—is completely different than for tra
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brand community balance
While compiling OSS Watch's list of Open Source Options for Education, I discovered Koha, an open source Integrated Library System (ILS). I discovered, with some confusion, that there seemed to be several ILS systems called Koha. Investigation into the reason for this uncovered a story which... Read more
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Open brand
In the extremely overcrowded open source marketplace, marketing managers find it difficult to think of innovative ways to raise their brand's visibility. With so many brands jostling for attention, the low signal-to-noise ratio might tempt marketers into adopting an "everything but the kitchen sink... Read more
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