For collaboration to work in an open organization, everyone needs to embrace it. Allison Matlack explores what happens when everyone doesn't.
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An app competition is fertile testing ground for open organization principles
Entering an app development competition as an underdog meant serious challenges for this team. But working as an open organization made a difference, writes Woo Huiren.
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Appreciating the full power of open
A balanced approach to openness can yield extraordinary results, writes Jim Whitehurst.
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CERN server photo
To make ownCloud ready for the next milestone and multi-petabyte scale, they collaborated with the IT team behind the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, the European research organization CERN, as well as Australia's countrywide networking provider for research institutions, AARNET (... Read more
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Hacking the farm with low-cost, open source tool designs
The creator of the Global Village Construction Set wants to bring low-cost, DIY, open hardware farming equipment to the masses.
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11 steps to running an online community meeting
Laura Hilliger explains how community calls can enhance participation in open organizations—then details 11 steps to running a successful one.
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Thoughtful problem solving, kindness, and collaboration are pieces of the open source ethos.
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Making an organization more open means making some difficult cultural shifts.
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CEO and author Jim Whitehurst explains how elevating teamwork over individual merits can enhance organizational dynamics.
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Working in an open organization means actively addressing everything that prevents collaboration. It means, as Sam Knuth says, "putting the moose on the table."
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