community management

8 ways to get your swag on
Food for thought when producing swag and celebrating the great work of your community around the world.
4 comments Posted 13 Jul 2016 by Jono Bacon Feed
Using Pirate Metrics to measure success of open source projects
How do you measure your open source community's success? Gaby Fachler explains why you might want to take a look at Pirate Metrics.
1 comment Posted 13 Jun 2016 by Gaby Fachler Feed
A 5-step plan for making sure new contributors have a positive experience
You've got your first swing at the project up on GitHub; you've been promoting it and have some new contributors coming around. Now, how do you keep them?
0 comments Posted 12 Jun 2016 by D Ruth Bavousett Feed
Conflict resolution: A primer
Experienced people manager, Jono Bacon shares his process and tips for conflict resolutions on teams and in communities.
0 comments Posted 17 May 2016 by Jono Bacon Feed
OSCON interview with Josh Matthews, Mozilla
Platform developer at Mozilla, Josh Matthews, shares a few tips for project management.
0 comments Posted 11 Apr 2016 by Don Watkins Feed
How MongoDB motivates and inspires its developer community
Meghan Gill discusses the importance of volunteer leadership in MongoDB's open source community.
0 comments Posted 5 Apr 2016 by Robin Muilwijk Feed
Creating a welcoming and inclusive open source space
There are a few important steps communities should take to move the needle on diversity in open source.
1 comment Posted 24 Mar 2016 by Safia Abdalla Feed
Why community managers must wade (not dive) into communities
Communities, particularly at the start of your involvement in them, can be delicate and fragile things. In the second installment in my series on community management best practices, I'll examine how to wade into community waters, without rocking the boat.
0 comments Posted 23 Mar 2016 by VM (Vicky) Brasseur Feed
A template for creating awesome contributor guidelines
Open source contributor guidelines should be easy to read, thorough, and friendly.
0 comments Posted 15 Mar 2016 by Safia Abdalla Feed
Measuring open source community project activities and contributors is vital for maintaining a healthy, active project. Here's 5 top metrics worth tracking.