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Cat laying in the grass next to a not animals allowd sign

Every community has at least one Mr. Grumpy. Here's a plan for helping naysayers make useful contributions.
Radio wave.

Passionate, productive debate is a hallmark of open communities and organizations. Here's how to bring it into your IT team.
Remote people connected on clouds

Find out how to give the gift of an out, learn about the power of positive intent, and more.
Open for business

Rebecca Fernandez presents the Open Decision Framework, a collection of best practices for applying...
An idea

Highlights and a wrap up of Week 4 of The Open Organization book club.
Open Organization book spines

In the Open Organization book club this week, Rebecca Fernandez examines "Chapter 4: Choosing...
Change the model

Red Hatter shares her experience working at Red Hat and talks about why she was quoted in the CEO's...
An open source job listing.

For most students, an internship presents a major opportunity to learn and grow in a real-world...
A sprout in a forest

Every year, a select group of university students and recent graduates join Red Hat’s North...
Doodles of the word open

If you've ever wished you could afford a Stanford University course--or just this semester's...