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When software is distributed via container images, source code should be made available in order to ensure seamless compliance with licensing.
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Open source licensing is different for good reasons that support the collaborative development that makes open source so great.
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The difference has consequences for how we structure the development process.

Although forking is undesirable, the potential for forking provides a discipline that drives people to find a way forward that works for everyone.
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The implications of distributing software through container images are quite different from those of the package managers many people are familiar with.
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Conventional wisdom says the Apache License has a "real" patent license. But what about the MIT License?
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For open source software, license information is embedded in the source code. To reduce complexity, you can generate different views.
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Free software, open source software, FOSS, FLOSS. Are they the same? Different? Does it matter?
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Open source licenses give the permission necessary to remove the restrictions created by copyright law.
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Licenses are valuable shared resources. What might we do to support these shared resources?