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Java must include these benefits to compete in the era of cloud-native, microservices, and serverless applications.
Team checklist

A checklist for developing and implementing cloud-native (container-first) software.
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Dashboards help DevOps teams observe and monitor systems to improve performance.
Open books

Establish your DevOps expertise and become more valuable in the job marketplace with these certifications.
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Kubernetes solves some of the most common problems development and operations teams see every day.
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Bring your acceptance testing process into your CI/CD pipeline with open source tools.
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Knative is a faster, easier way to develop serverless applications on Kubernetes platforms.
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Improve monitoring and tracing of cloud-native apps on a distributed networking system.
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There's no magical way to do it, but these practices will put you well on your way to embracing agile in application development, testing, and debugging.
Analytics: Charts and Graphs

Use machine data to quickly respond to problems and identify when human involvement may be needed.