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Science lab with beakers

Assign real IPs from your home network to services running in your cluster and access them from other hosts on your network.
Ship captain sailing the Kubernetes seas

Lens is a useful, attractive, open source user interface for working with Kubernetes clusters.
Raspberries with pi symbol overlay

Identify a specific Raspberry Pi in your cluster with a script that triggers an LED to flash.
Ships at sea on the web

Create dynamic persistent volumes on a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster with the NFS-client provisioner.
Cartoon graphic of Raspberry Pi board

Install Kubernetes on several Raspberry Pis for your own "private cloud at home" container service.
Digital images of a computer desktop

Make adding machines to your private cloud at home similar to how the major cloud providers handle it.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

Automate adding new devices and users to your homelab while getting to know a cloud-industry standard.
Blue folders flying in the clouds above a city skyline

Add shared filesystems to your homelab with an NFS server.
Science lab with beakers

Create a "private cloud at home" with a Raspberry Pi or other single-board computer.
Woman programming

Keep multiple Go environments, including versions and modules, with Go Version Manager for easy GOPATH management.