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Jakarta EE addresses cloud-native requirements under vision from the Eclipse Foundation.
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Automate drawing, engraving, and more with a DIY plotter using open source hardware and software.
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The MakerBUINO kit is a fun way to introduce kids to electronics and coding.
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Make programming for kids easy and fun with open hardware.
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Curious about MicroProfile? Here's a hint: It is not about the IDE with the popular name.
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A city in Germany is developing their own IoT sensors to measure air quality to help combat the smog problem.
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Fritzing is an open source application that allows users to create schematics by selecting parts...
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Heiko Rupp is a firm believer that working in the open is good. Even with a small community. Doing...
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What is geocaching? Heiko Rupp shares what it's like to search and find caches using GPS...
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I came to work with open source after an experience in college. We used a system called Usenet ,a...