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Speech recognition in applications isn't just a fun trick but an important accessibility feature.
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Pass is a classic UNIX-style password management system that uses GnuPG (GPG) for encryption, and the terminal as its primary interface.
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Show don't tell with Asciinema, an open source terminal session recorder.
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If you're going to explore Rust this year, download our free Rust cheat sheet, so you have a quick reference for the basics.
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Configure your system for rootless containers.
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To standardize a complex camera setup, you can impose some special rules on how cameras get assigned to locations in the Linux filesystem.
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Providing bookmarks to your users is helpful and takes advantage of the technology available.
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With Seq24, you can record MIDI phrases and then build a song by activating them in different combinations during jam sessions or live performances.
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Whether you've got musical skill or not, if you want to make electronic noise, you can do it with Zyn-Fusion.
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Dot Matrix is a minimalist illustration program. Its limitations are what makes it so much fun to use.