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Jono Bacon's People Powered reveals how successful community building relies on a foundation of genuine care for the people. Find out how to join the People Powered book club.
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If Ansible's inclusion as a leader on the Forrester Wave report piqued your interest, here are some ways the automation solution can simplify your life.
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Use chroma key or "green screen" techniques to set transparencies on your video-game graphics.
Gaming on a grid with penguin pawns

Running around avoiding enemies is one thing. Fighting back is another. Learn how in the 12th article in this series on creating a platformer in Pygame.
Ship captain sailing the Kubernetes seas

Combine Ansible with Kubernetes for cloud automation. Plus, get our cheat sheet for using the Ansible k8s module.
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Automate software installations and updates across your devices with Ansible playbooks.
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Establish connections with remote computers using secure shell.
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Get a better handle on the awk command by downloading our free eBook.
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Safely and securely give outside parties access to your network.
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Our new cheat sheet puts all the essentials of C syntax on an easy-to-read handout.