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red panda

Version 0.1 of Mozilla Firefox was released 19 years ago.
Holding a Magic the Gathering deckmaster card

The open source application Magic Assistant makes managing your Magic collection easy.
Coding on a computer

Banish "smart" quotes with your favorite version of sed.
Old train

Don't have room for a physical model train set? Try virtual trains with OpenTTD.
Magnifying glass on code

There are many reasons to learn find, so download our free find cheat sheet to help you learn more about the command.
bash logo on green background

BusyBox is an open source (GPL) project providing simple implementations of nearly 400 common commands.
Teacher or learner?

The CrowPi is an amazing Raspberry Pi project system housed in a laptop-like body.
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To print a file from your terminal, use the lpr command.
Command line prompt

From new user to power user, here are 20 Linux commands that will make your life easier.
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Share your printer with the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS).