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Parts, modules, containers for software

A real-time embedded OS like RTOS makes programming embedded systems easier.
Open Lego CAD

Convert your 3D digital models into LEGO designs with Bricker
Working from home at a laptop

Resist the urge to add things in Git that will make it harder to manage; here's what to do instead.
A person looking at a phone

Take as many shots as you want; gphoto2 makes transferring photos from your device to your Linux computer quick and easy.
Hands programming

Redirection is an efficient way to get data from one place to another without a lot of mouse moving and key pressing.
Hands programming

Traps help your scripts end cleanly, whether they run successfully or not.
A person programming

Tell Bash what you want it to remember—or even rewrite history by deleting entries you don't want or need.
bash logo on green background

Associative arrays let you create lists of key and value pairs, instead of just numbered values.
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Avoid Microsoft's proprietary VS Code build and opt for an open source code editor instead.
Open Lego CAD

Open source virtual LEGOs allow you to build anything you can imagine.