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Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer

Download cheat sheets for sed, grep, and parted to integrate new processes into your work.
Secure safe

Use Linux Unified Key Setup to create an encrypted vault for sensitive files on a physical drive or cloud storage.

VeraCrypt offers open source file-encryption with cross-platform capabilities.
Business woman on laptop sitting in front of window

Get more use out of Git by adding these commands to your repertoire.
A keyboard with privacy written on it.

Use Linux Unified Key Setup to encrypt your thumb drives, external hard drives, and other storage from prying eyes.
Measuring and baking a cherry pie recipe

Learn the what, why, and how of the git cherry-pick command.
Science lab with beakers

Get freedom to try things out alongside the security of having a new, linked clone of your repository if your experiment goes wrong.
Houses in a row

Here is how I set up Git to manage my home directory.
Cheat Sheet cover image

Learn the basics of partitioning a new storage device, then download our cheat sheet to keep info close at hand.
Code going into a computer.

Git offers several ways you can quickly see which files changed in a commit.