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Penguin driving a car with a yellow background

Learn how to use external drives correctly on Linux.
Working from home at a laptop

Stay flexible, embrace change, and think of the transition to your home office as an opportunity to create a healthier WFH experience.
Browser of things

Learn how to use and install Cryptpad, LogicalDOC, Sandstorm, and more with this eBook.
Oatmeal and a laptop.

Whether you're a WFH veteran or a remote work newbie, these tools make communication and collaboration a snap.
A person working.

Check your writing for spelling, grammar, plagiarism, and style errors using these open source tools.
markers for a whiteboard

Need to whiteboard or draw something with others? Give Drawpile a try.
Computer keyboard typing

10 tips for diving into the world of this useful group of open source text editors.
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Get started with Git Cola, a graphical user interface for Git.
Person programming on a laptop on a building

Download, install, and update applications on your Windows computer with the open source Chocolatey package manager.
Text editor on a browser, in blue

Slimmed-down (in size and features) alternatives allow you to take your text editor anywhere you go.