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A path through nature

Telling your Linux shell where to look for executable files is easy, and something everyone should be able to do.
Command line prompt

Learn the commands and features that make Bash one of the most powerful shells available.
Penguin driving a car with a yellow background

Learn how to use external drives correctly on Linux.
Working from home at a laptop

Stay flexible, embrace change, and think of the transition to your home office as an opportunity to create a healthier WFH experience.
Browser of things

Learn how to use and install Cryptpad, LogicalDOC, Sandstorm, and more with this eBook.
Oatmeal and a laptop.

Whether you're a WFH veteran or a remote work newbie, these tools make communication and collaboration a snap.
A person working.

Check your writing for spelling, grammar, plagiarism, and style errors using these open source tools.
markers for a whiteboard

Need to whiteboard or draw something with others? Give Drawpile a try.
Computer keyboard typing

10 tips for diving into the world of this useful group of open source text editors.
Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data

Get started with Git Cola, a graphical user interface for Git.