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Open source tools and resources provide creative possibilities for any holiday.
Cow on parade.

Want a just-for-fun application to play with? Try cowsay.
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These playful Linux commands are also surprisingly useful.
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The qrcp project offers a way to quickly copy files from your iPhone or Android device to your Linux computer and vice versa.
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One of the most fundamental diagnostic tools for networked connectivity is the ping command.
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Mark Text has tools that make it easy to write markdown while at the same time providing a simple interface that just gets out of my way.
Tools in a cloud

Erase data from your hard disk drive with these open source tools.
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You may be surprised to learn that the tools you use every day are open source.
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Everyone has their favorite markdown editor. Here are a few I have tried.
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Here are some LibreOffice keyboard shortcuts and formatting tips that might save you valuable time.