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Red Lego Heart

The team at Creative Commons wants you to share a creation to the Public Domain as a show of support for openly sharing content.
Community awards

To every single author who wrote for in 2020, thank you and we celebrate you today!
Looking at a map for career journey

We ring in the new year with advice from the open source community.
Brick wall between two people, a developer and an operations manager

Since its inception, over 20 million questions have been asked on the site. Find out where their head is at during the pandemic.
A person writing.

A community manager and editor shares her inspiration and tips for finding and sharing your expertise with others.
Open source stars.

I am more of a Deanna Troi in my role as a community manager. How about you?
A farm road

After a busy day of virtual meetings, emails, coding, and collaborating, how do you wind down for the night?
Family learning and reading together at night in a room

Working in the fast-paced tech industry makes each day exciting. What are the morning rituals that give you the space to slow down?
a checklist for a team

Love lists? Check out this handy list of open source apps for managing all your lists!
Chat via email

Plus, learn about a few open source alternatives for chat.