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Take a look at a dozen options for your next NLP application.
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The most novice engineer can start on a path towards data science mastery in this new age where data science skills will be needed at every level.
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GitLab's open culture makes it very welcoming to contributors. Here's what I learned when I decided to become one.
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Get this single small script that does everything Zapier does and more.
CICD with gears

An easy guide to the top open source continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment tools.
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These open source tools help users understand system behavior and output, and provide alerts for potential problems.
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Find performance issues quickly with these tools, which provide a graphical view of what's happening across complex software systems.
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Log aggregation systems can help with troubleshooting and other tasks. Here are three top options.
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Here's what you need to know about time-series data and metrics aggregation tools.

In the first of a new series focusing on DevOps monitoring tools, we review the various types of system observability tools.