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You can do DevOps while working from home; it's all about the right approach.
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Reduce waste, optimize the flow of value, and continuously deliver value to delighted users.
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Automation is pivotal to DevOps, but is everything automatable?
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DevOps is about delighting our stakeholders with continuous business value, and how we manage transient faults is part of that.
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In the context of software development, fail fast is innocuous to DevOps.
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Is the idea of a unified continuous integration and delivery pipeline a pipe dream?
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A hypothesis-driven development mindset harvests the core value of feature flags: experimentation in production.
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People and process take more time but are more important than any technology "silver bullet" in solving business problems.
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DevOps transformation success hinges on removing the barriers inherent in an organization.
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When embracing a DevOps mindset, does an organization's size matter?