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With Jupyter, PyHamcrest, and a little duct tape of a testing harness, you can teach any Python topic that is amenable to unit testing.
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Discover how you are spending time by parsing your calendar with Python in Jupyter.
Person reading a book and digital copy

Jupyter may not be the most straightforward way to create presentation slides and handouts, but it affords more control than simpler options.
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Turn Jupyter into a remote administration console.
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Who needs to learn an image-editing application when you can do the job with open source tools you already know?
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Turn invisible bugs into visible fixes with mutation testing.
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Set up your console so you always know where you are and what to do next.
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This selection of tools will streamline your Python environment for smooth and consistent development practices.
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This unique algorithm using Python and Shamir's Secret Sharing protects your master password from hackers and your own forgetfulness.
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Open source tools can help anyone get started learning Python in an easy and fun way—making games.