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A vignette of green, orange, and yellow pumpkins in front of a brick wall

Here's my recipe for the perfect pumpkin Pi.
Looking at a map for career journey

StreetComplete is an open street map editor used for mapping in the field while on an Android phone.
A map with a route highlighted

This month is the birthday of OpenStreetMap (OSM), a community-owned collaborative geographic database of the world.
x sign

In the final article in this series about chaos engineering, do some experiments to learn how changes affect your infrastructure's state.
A cat under a keyboard.

Terminate pods while having fun by playing Kube DOOM.
Parts, modules, containers for software

Kube-monkey offers an easy way to stress-test your systems by scheduling random termination pods in your cluster.
Digital creative of a browser on the internet

Chaos Mesh enables chaos engineering with a web frontend. Learn more in the fourth article in this series.
Science lab with beakers

Litmus is an effective tool to cause chaos to test how your system will respond to failure.
A ship wheel with someone steering

Before you can measure chaos, you need to know what your system's steady state looks like. Learn how in the second article in this series about chaos engineering.
Scrabble letters spell out chaos for chaos engineering

Learn the basics of chaos engineering in this first article in a series celebrating Kubernetes' 11th birthday.