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Create the event of your dreams with open source software.
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Knative eventing is a way to create, send, and verify events in your cloud-native environment.
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Moving work online created challenges and opportunities for innovation in 2020.
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Find and fix errors in your Helm charts and Kubernetes configuration files with KubeLinter.
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In case you missed them, you can still watch the recordings.
Tips and gears turning

Build your continuous integration/continuous delivery adoption plan by looking back at the top articles of 2020.
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"Zoom fatigue" creates a different type of exhaustion, but there are ways to deal better with it.
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Updating your environment to Terraform 0.12 is not for the faint of heart, but this how-to will make it less painful.
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If you use multiple Terraform versions in your environment, tfenv will make your life much easier.
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Knative is a great way to get started quickly on serverless development with Kubernetes.