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Painting art on a computer screen

High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is an expensive photography technique. HDRI Haven provides a community-powered gallery of freely available images.
Open Force superhero characters

Download a free desktop wallpaper image of the Open Force.
Cheat sheet general image

Download our free Inkscape cheat sheet for quick use of this open source tool.
A daisy swirl

Download this free, GIMP cheat sheet.
Sky with clouds and grass

This network-attached file server offers a solid array of features and is easy to install and configure.
Open video

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences teams with the Linux Foundation to launch the Academy Software Foundation.
event report on green background

SIGGRAPH 2018 is the largest gathering of artists, researchers, and technicians with a focus on computer graphics.
Houses in a row

GitHub's recent acquisition has caused some users to explore alternatives to the popular code repository. Here are some to consider.
Cheat Sheet cover image

With this cheat sheet, you'll find yourself comfortably cruising along in Blender.
Document sending

Download new cheat sheet of common Pandoc options and handy syntax for frequently used conversions.