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On the scene

Drupal events in Siberia feature bingo and prizes.
A network of people

DrupalCon presenter Mike Gifford shares his thoughts on Drupal accessibility and more.
Two different business organization charts

Ravindra Singh talks Drupal community at DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015.
Several media players

Can one be "sold" on open source? Georgia Tech's Adelle Frank makes a case for it.
Rush in concert, edited

Enterprise web architect Colan Schwartz shares his favorite open source tools and discusses the...
open source button on keyboard

Garvita Kapur has been busy making the most of Drupal in a leading higher education setting. In...
neon sign with head outline and open source why spelled out

If code is poetry, then Acquia Certified Grand Master Hussain Abbas churns out several chapbooks a...
Open ethernet cords.

Kalamuna co-founder Alec Reynolds talks about his company's Kalabox project, Drupal, and his hopes...
people on top of a connected globe

John P. Weiksnar talks with Salim Lakhani of devPanel at DrupalCon Los Angeles.
Building an arch

Web architect Cleaver Barnes shares his thoughts on Drupal 8, web development, and DrupalCon Los...