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Yellow and red record playing

In this installment of conversations with developers who build and maintain open source music players, we hear from Craig Drummond of Canata.
Chat via email

Even encrypted messaging apps are leveraging your private data to sell you things.
Coffee beans

There are probably better languages than Java, depending on work requirements. But I haven't seen anything yet to pull me away.
Coffee beans and a cup of coffee

Java's approach to object-oriented programming is the basis for almost everything in the language. Here's what you need to know.
Colorful sound wave graph

Did you know you can build your own speaker systems? Muffsy creator shares how he got into making open audio hardware and why he started selling his designs to other DIYers.
Record player with an LP spinning

GogglesMM developer and maintainer shares the reasons he created an open source music player.
Creative Commons logo with headphones on over sheet music

The creator of Guayadeque, an open source music player, opens up.
scientific calculator

In this interview, ExchangeRate-API's founder explains why exchange rate data should be freely accessible to developers who want to build useful stuff.
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Another solution to the JNLP deprecation, with one less Windows server, thanks to the community.