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Building a global platform for environmental activists revealed a spirit of openness that's central to human nature—and taught me how to design for it.
The Open Organization at Greenpeace

We're building an innovative platform to connect environmental advocates—but system complexity threatened to slow us down. Opening up was the answer.

Global problems require global solutions. Global solutions require open organizations. Learn how Greenpeace is opening up to address climate change.
Two diverse hands holding a globe

Celebrate Earth Day by contributing to these projects dedicated to improving our environment.
Jars with food inside on a shelf

Everyone sees something, but no one says anything—that's the bystander effect. And it's damaging your organizational culture.
multi-colored dandelions

An inclusive community is a more creative and effective community. But how can you make sure you're accommodating the various personalities that call your community "home"?
Think laterally

A thought exercise: What can a chaotic free-for-all of constantly shifting loyalties teach us about collaboration and open innovation?
open source button on keyboard

Creating flexible, decentralized organizations isn't easy. It requires work from everyone—not just managers.
A man walking and tipping hat

This exercise helps your team members become aware of the various privileges they might possess—a great way to begin dialog about diversity and inclusion.
Participation text on a field

Remaining empathetic when people criticize your project can be difficult. Here's how my team did it recently.