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Want to overcome your team's feelings of inadequacy? Start by making different language choices.
Word bubbles with people talking

Leading offline groups can be challenging. These three tips make it easier.
Open community, gardeners and food co-op

When participating in open source, self-confidence plays a huge role. Learn these three vital...
A sprout in a forest

Learning from great storytellers makes us better open leaders—as long as we understand what these roles have in common.
open source button on keyboard

As openness spreads, the number of groups familiar with it increases. Laura Hilliger suggests four...
Lots of people in a crowd.

Working openly means designing for participation. "Designing for participation" is a way of...
A carrot and a stick.

Laura Hilliger offers candid answers to a recent survey about organizational management.
typewriter keys

Open organizational principles don't necessarily rely on the digital technologies we tend to...
Word bubbles with people talking

Leading open teams involves collaborating with all kinds of personalities. Laura Hilliger shares...
Open source skills

Laura Hilliger offers six steps to succeeding in a meritocracy—no matter what role you perform in...