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Lunr.js is a great option for providing search functionality on a website or application.
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Nativefier and Electron creates desktop apps from any website.
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Insert dynamic data into Jekyll static sites using Python or Bash and avoid creating an API backend.
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The ability to let your website adjust to the user's theme of choice is a great accessibility feature.
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Keep log files fresh with this Linux command. Download the new logrotate cheat sheet.
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Jekyll is an open source static site generator. You can write your content in Markdown, use HTML/CSS for structure and presentation, and Jekyll compiles it all into static HTML.
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LVM enables extreme flexibility in how you configure your storage.
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Vagrant helps you run other operating systems on your computer—meaning you can build things, test things, and do wacky stuff without blowing up your own system.
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What is YAML, and why is it about time we started using it?
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This article discusses installing NumPy, and then creating, reading, and sorting NumPy arrays.