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Binary code on a computer screen

Advance your Scratch skills with loops, conditional statements, collision detection, and more in this article in a series about teaching kids to code.
The back of a kid head

Learn how to get started with Scratch in this article in a series about teaching kids to code.
Student desk for open education

Coding is for everyone—from preschoolers to adults. Here are some ways to help you and your children learn to code.
Gaming on a grid with penguin pawns

Running around avoiding enemies is one thing. Fighting back is another. Learn how in the 12th article in this series on creating a platformer in Pygame.
Programming keyboard.

Python is a good language for young and old, with or without any programming experience.
Coding on a computer

Productivity pro-tip: Using LibreOffice templates is a major way to increase efficiency and aid in collaboration.
scientific calculator

Figure out where your money is going with this LibreOffice Calc budget template.
A map with a route highlighted

Find an adventure in your own backyard with this fun app.
Boat on the ocean with Creative Commons sail

Learn how to know if a work has a CC license, how to attribute, and more in this handy guide.
connecting yellow dots in a maze

In the eleventh and final article in this series on programming with Python's Pygame module, display your game player's score when they collect loot or take damage.