Open source news this week: July 22 - 26, 2013

Weekly wrap-up: Remarks from GitHub's CEO, edX on 'The Colbert Report', and more

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Open source news this week: July 22 - 26, 2013

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  • It’s that time of the year again. The Open Source Convention (OSCON) kicked off this week in Portland. We’ve been tweeting and blogging up a storm with updates from the conference, which is celebrating 15 years. The keynotes are wrapping up today, and one that sparked a flurry of tweets came from GitHub CEO Tom Preston-Werner when he pitched the MIT license over GPL. In other OSCON news, reports that the open source job market is seeing an increase based on the openings being advertised at the convention. OSCON wraps up today.
  • Open source all the things? With concerns over corporate and government espionage on the rise, Paul Venezia argues that the time has come for open source to rule the school. He writes: "If we're at a point where no piece of commercial hardware or software can be trusted, then the only reasonable option is to rely on large communities of like-minded people to develop, extend, and inspect freely available code on a continuous basis. Essentially, we may need to open source everything." Not everyone agrees. Be sure to read the comments.
  • Best wishes to The H team. We are sad to hear that The H is closing down. After more than four years publishing as The H, the open source and security news website is closing its doors following troubles monetizing site traffic. The site has published many interesting interviews and articles over the years, and we’ve highlighted some of their great content on Twitter and in our weekly news wrap-up. See their farewell post.
  • Lovin' Netflix OSS. In a recent presentation, IBM performance architect Andrew Spyker outlined the ways Big Blue leverages open source cloud technologies from Netflix. GigaOM this week reported on the increasing popularity of Netflix's open source cloud tools—like the infamous Chaos Monkey—casting the video streaming and rental service as an unlikely (but welcome) contributor to open source cloud projects.
  • Live on The Colbert Report. MIT professor and edX president Anant Agarwal was a guest on TV news show The Colbert Report this week to talk about their free online university courses. As you might expect from Stephen Colbert, the interview was filled with witty questions like: "Why send the cow to college if they’re giving away the PhDs for free?" Agarwal held his own and didn’t let Colbert ruffle his feathers. At one point Agarwal quipped: "There’s this thing called the Internet, which is really bringing the whole world together," to which Colbert replied: "I’m familiar with it." Watch the complete interview here:


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