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In this week's edition of the open source news roundup, we take a look at Madriva's liquidation, Google double dose of open source, and more! Open... » Read More
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Gadgets and open hardware
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The DC Motor Control Shield with XMC1202 for Arduino is a power controller for servos, motors, robotic actuators, and other items that need... » Read More
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The OpenStack community is full of helpful tutorials to help you with installing, deploying, and managing your open source cloud. Here are some of... » Read More
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Raspberry Pi model B+
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Red Hatter Anderson Silva shares how young people interested in technology can use a $35 Raspberry Pi to get started contributing to open source.
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The hurdle of dealing with multiple languages is an issue that can—and should—be dealt with out of the box, through your CMS. Here are eight... » Read More
0 comments Posted 28 May 2015 Scott Solomon Feed
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Calling all data geeks and journalists! Testing is now open on DocHive, an open source Ruby on Rails project for capturing data from image-based PDFs...
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Midnight Commander (MC) is a text-based Command Line Interface (CLI) program. Learn how to install and use it with this tutorial.
3 comments Posted 27 May 2015 David Both Feed
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Assistive technology such as Augmented/Assisted Communication (AAC), Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text (TTS/STT), magnifiers, screen readers, and eye... » Read More
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Harry Chan is the CEO of MediaFlex, a company headquartered in Champlain, New York and Montreal, Quebec.
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Open sourcing has many benefits, but there's a lot of open source code out there already. How do you make your project stand out? Here's 4 steps you... » Read More
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