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We all have the facile answer, but the more interesting question when you're at the summit is, "What is an adult in the context of a community?" Red... » Read More
2 comments Posted 20 Apr 2015 Stephen R. Walli Feed
Free and open source software
Life » Article
Libre Graphics Meeting will be held in Toronto from April 29 to May 2. This conference is open to the public, and registration is free. Libre... » Read More
0 comments Posted 20 Apr 2015 Julien Deswaef Feed
Life » Article
For future assistive technology devices to be fully accessible, the software and the device in use must be changeable and adapt to the individual... » Read More
0 comments Posted 20 Apr 2015 Spencer Hunley Feed
Blue clouds, OpenStack
Business » Article
The weekly look at what is happening in the OpenStack community and the open source cloud at large.
0 comments Posted 20 Apr 2015 Jason Baker (Red Hat) Feed
Open source and Linux games roundup blue swirl graphic
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Hello, open gaming fans! In this week's edition, we take a look at the benefits of developing an open source game engine, a new release that combines... » Read More
0 comments Posted 18 Apr 2015 Robin Muilwijk Feed
Top 5 articles of the week, dinosaurs
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This week I talk about why the K in KDE should still stand for "Kool", modern DevOps with Docker, and the future of open hardware. Subscribe to our... » Read More
0 comments Posted 17 Apr 2015 Jen Wike Huger (Red Hat) Feed
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In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at the release of Apple's ResearchKit, the launch of npm private modules,... » Read More
0 comments Posted 17 Apr 2015 Joshua Allen Holm Feed
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While government software developers collaborate well today, 2009 was a different story. Much of the software was redundant, locked up by vendors and... » Read More
0 comments Posted 17 Apr 2015 Chris Nimmer Feed
Gadgets and open hardware
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In this article, I'll share some ideas for how schools, libraries, and makerspaces can similarly expand access to open source hardware.
0 comments Posted 17 Apr 2015 Phil Shapiro Feed
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Learn about the license, project hosting, and tools Lp Digital chose to help release its BackBee CMS as open source.
1 comment Posted 16 Apr 2015 Mickaël Andrieu Feed
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Learn more about the Robot Operating System (ROS), a platform built from the ground up to encourage collaborative robotics software development.... » Read More
2 comments Posted 16 Apr 2015 Don Watkins Feed
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Fundamentally, embracing the open source workforce means changing the way businesses think about themselves and their consumers.
0 comments Posted 16 Apr 2015 James Falkner Feed
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Since its public launch in 2004, NGINX has focused on high performance, high concurrency, and low memory usage. Sandeep Khuperkar provides an... » Read More
1 comment Posted 15 Apr 2015 Sandeep Khuperkar Feed
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Case studies help highlight open source projects, while also gathering information to improve them. Here's how to create an open source project case... » Read More
0 comments Posted 15 Apr 2015 Brian Proffitt (Red Hat) Feed

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