Linux distributions compared
You know how on TV, NFL analysts will pit one football team against another and say what areas they need to execute well in order to win the game?...

Posted 3 Feb 2014
open source project management
Last year, covered some popular open source project management tools (ProjectLibre, ]project-open[, and OpenProject.) We found these...

Posted 6 Jan 2014
developing possibilities
Are you an XP user looking for a similar alternative? Is your PC aging but you don't care for the Windows 8 Metro interface?

Posted 18 Feb 2014
Choose Linux to replace Windows XP
Today, as Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP, a 12 year old operating system, users all over the world find themselves with only...

Posted 8 Apr 2014
a new dawn
You probably think I'm going to talk about all the reasons why you should use open source tooling as the foundation for an effective DevOps culture...

Posted 1 Apr 2014
Jen Krieger (Red Hat)
Open (source) innovation
His adventure started in college with Slackware, lead him to Sendmail, then eventually to Reddit, and now his career is streaming at Netflix. Jeremy...

Posted 2 Apr 2014
Jason Hibbets (Red Hat)
Collaboration in business
In the open source community, we know the value of collaboration. It’s at the core of everything we do. Some of us are lucky to work for...

Posted 2 Apr 2014
Ginny Skalski (Red Hat)
open source library management system Koha
A small public library serving a population of 30,000 in New Zealand developed and released the world’s first open source library management system...

Posted 16 Apr 2014
Are you new to Arduino? Open hardware like the Arduino Starter Pack from Adafruit is a great way to start tinkering with this small...

Posted 24 Mar 2014
Open education
Open source enthusiasts firmly believe that much is possible when people band together. After all, the core underpinning of open source doctrine is...

Posted 4 Apr 2014

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