Moebuis Noodles: a collection of math games for kids

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Dr. Maria Droujkova (@mariadroujkova) and Yelena McManaman authored the book, Moebuis Noodles, to engage kids with early math concepts. Their inspirations are:

  • kids—who have great imaginations and love math wonderlands when presented in a fun way
  • the crowdsourcing movement—parents and teachers are on board!
  • DYI projects—where there lives endless creativity

Offered under Creative Commons, Moebuis Noodles offers a much needed alternative to the boring and repeatitive early math materials used to reach most schoolkids today.

Lightning talk video

1212_OSDC_CreativeCommons10_LightningTalks_Noodles_720.mp440.97 MB
1212_OSDC_CreativeCommons10_LightningTalks_Noodles_720.ogg42.16 MB
Droujkova_and_McManaman_Moebius-Noodles_cc10.pdf1.84 MB
Creative Commons License


Maria Droujkova's picture

Thanks for making the video

And thank you for organizing the event! It was wonderful to listen to all the passionate people who believe in the cause of the Open.

wivenhoe's picture
Open Source Champion

good luck

This is excellent news and most welcoming for parents looking for math alternatives.


Fabiola Benitez's picture

Moebuis Noodles

Moebuis is a great way to connect the young students with with early math concepts. It is a wonderful project focused on creating resources that provide rich mathematical experiences for young children.

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chinesesoul's picture

Congratulations on the successful crowdfunding project. I can see that it has yielded great results and even greater ideas. While education has seen huge improvements in the past years, it is astonishing how even the math education for young children is missing this kind of creative do it yourself spirit! I cannot even start to think how kids in China could benefit from such a system that would support imagination, fun and play. In the west it is almost as if "math kids" are being marginalized by making classes non-favorable. Pitty that there was some disturbing background noise in the video, but thanks for the inspirational insight. However surprised that things are still the way they are, it's never too late to change the system! -Genji

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Moebuis is a nice concept to connect the young students.I really like your article. It’s evident that you have a lot knowledge on this topic. Your points are well made and relatable. Thanks for writing engaging and interesting material.
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Math Worksheets For Kids

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