Jeremy Allison and Terri Molini on Open Source for America and change in Washington |

Jeremy Allison and Terri Molini on Open Source for America and change in Washington

Posted 02 Jul 2010 by 

Josh Lawson (Red Hat)
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Jeremy Allison of Google and Terri Molini of Initmarketing, both presenting on behalf of Open Source for America (OSFA), joined us for the first Open Your World Forum.  OSFA is organized to advocate for open source technology use in the US Federal government, and represents  well over a thousand members, including tech industry leaders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and academic research institutions.

OSFA is working to centralize the advocacy and messaging around open technologies and has identified the agency procurement process as a central target for reform. In that arena, Allison said, “Open Source for America will help the US government and the agencies understand the benefits they will get by having a level playing field for all software development.” 

Michael Tiemann of Red Hat referred to OSFA as filling a vital need, adding that, “Most of our public officials only know what they are told, and there is not a voice telling them our story."

To hear the full discussion, access the archived talk. You can also download the presentation slides.

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Josh has worked in both the private and public sectors handling political affairs and messaging. Josh holds a BA from UCLA, an MPS in Political Management from GWU, and is currently attending UNC School of Law. Originally from Los Angeles, Josh and his wife now live in Durham, NC.

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