Open Source Cinema mixes up the video experience

Image credits: Camera Vintage
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Have you heard about Open Source Cinema?  The creator, Brett Gaylor, is hoping to build off of the success of the open source documentary project.

"Open Source Cinema lets you create your own videos online, remix media that you have on your computer, as well as remix other people’s media from places like YouTube and Flickr."

It's built on Kaltura, an open source alternative to YouTube, and it's gaining momentum.

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Thanks. This Good Post.

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Open Minded

I like the idea of an "open source" of video where clips and pieces can be included providing your video is not open and you credit your sources.

A kind of Creative Common for video.

How does this work with YouTube and Flickr and copywritten material?

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Open Source Sensei

I'm not a copyright expert, but I know there are some folks that participate on that might know.

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Open Minded

I don't think the copyright issues are any different from those that come up in ordinary remixing - the artist has the responsibility to make sure he or she has either permission to use the underlying material (like the appropriate CC license on Flickr) or use the content under fair use principles. You'll find some great materials on fair use in a lot of contexts here: I don't see anything on the site itself, though, that says what kind of the license th contributors are giving when they post content on the site.