Poll: How deep is our passion for open source?

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(3 votes)
How passionate are you for open source?
Absolutist, all-or-nothing zealot.
9.5% (42 votes)
Activist, supporter, or evangelist.
40.8% (180 votes)
I participate in communities, but I don't preach.
11.3% (50 votes)
I am a supportive user, but pragmatic. I use what works.
30.4% (134 votes)
I like it only if it can help me.
1.8% (8 votes)
Curious about open source.
6.1% (27 votes)

The opensouce.com community is growing fast, and we're trying to figure out who we are and what we care about. The more we know about ourselves, the more relevant our content and discussions will be.

These polls aren't scientific, but they will give us a useful snapshot of of our growing community, so we can plan better for the future.

Feel free to tell us more about you in the comments.

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Máirín Duffy's picture

Is anyone going to volunteer that they are a zealot? :)

 Frank Sfalanga's picture

Are you asking us if we want access to read source code? Are you asking us if we believe in software freedom? Come to think of it ... what does OPEN SOURCE mean this week?

tkepley's picture
Open Minded

As stated in my article on why do you still have an iphone, if there exists an open alternative that competes (or is on it's way to being competitive), I will almost always choose the open counterpart. So I'll still use closed source software (there has yet to be a game console that truly competes with the Wii, PS3 or 360 for example), but dream constantly of an open alternative.

dzye's picture

my 1st time on this website..just curios what is the purpose