Poll: Which industry would you improve using the open source way?

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(3 votes)
Which industry would you improve using the open source principles of transparency, collaboration, and meritocracy?
Air travel
9.6% (10 votes)
Health care
42.3% (44 votes)
11.5% (12 votes)
Real estate
3.8% (4 votes)
Oil industry
5.8% (6 votes)
Mobile phone
17.3% (18 votes)
Other (use the comments to tell us)
9.6% (10 votes)

Tell us what the missed opportunities are, that could be improved, based on your vote.

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Jeremy A. Cunningham's picture

Have a single XML format for containing job application information (history, education, skills, etc.), and build a method of communication between sites to share applicants, openings, and so forth.

Other (use the comments to tell us)'s picture

the goverment must improved to using open source!

Ron's picture

All of them. There are few industries that would not improve by some degree of these principles.

bunburya's picture

I think the legal sector could really benefit from the application of those principles.

Adam N's picture

Most industries already have some kind of solution, but the medical industry is in the worst shape.

Jeremy mentioned a standard XML file for jobs, why not one for medical information? How many times have we all filled out the same information over and over at different offices? How easy would it be to send them an encrypted file from your smartphone?

The solutions are not at all difficult, it's just a matter of being willing to make the change.

Lasse T Laine's picture

I wrote about a week ago on my GetSatisfaction-account of my Vidorg company on the Automotive issue.
During the Saab-controversy in Sweden -how to manage the selling of Saab,to which companies and projects- I got published some notes on GM:s blogg.I preferred the flying car-project-
international project how to build this kind of transportation technology which seems to be used in ufo-cultures.As an alternative thinker (philosopher-social scientist) I have made former a proposal for the new paradigm of science,where I have had thoughts or ideas about for example a new model of forces,the big question of Einstein (how to unite forces- in my case I have added a 5th one- of mental energy- in order to explain the healing in parapsychology).Could we- in international,open source way develope a new,needed transportation technology as the big ones- GM,Toyota etc- seem not to be open to this kind of evolutionary solution but
will carry on the old hybrid-electricity paths.
As an alternative thinker I have met total silence in sciences,
before in media (exept my waterholes on Net) or local politics in Sweden-Finland-EU (European Community).Nor has Obama-
team opened to my next step of reforming the Health Care-sector by usage of totally new practices of mental healing or usage of my new kind of derivative instrument M.O. (Management Option) which could be used in this kind of opensource-projects.
The Other projects could possibly be social projects. As the modern post-industrial societies are showing the same kind of
developemental trends for example in elderly booming,urbanization,need of climate neutral transportation and life-quality solutions,this sector could possibly use my new model of public sector (I have discussed about this in Swedish
on my strategic blogs on http://vidorghelps.blogspot.com - not commented by local media).
A social,natural result of my alternative thinking has been- see practices of science,media,politics above- pushing down to manual working life on social-economic margin or stealing of my company resources by public taxing authorities. But I have survived and survive,which you can see on these comments and in my alternative proposals on open source= open technology projects.
I have now started searching for a new living or working place in the capital of Stockholm where the international lifestyle could be more open to this kind of basic questions= reforms on totally alternative, creative grounds. If you as my reader are interested about my new paradigm- work or ideas, you could send your collaboration proposals either directly for me,or commenting on my pages on my blogs or other social webb-forums (se links on my Facebook page: Lasse T Laine ).