Tux the Cat: A crowdsourced name

Image by opensource.com
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(2 votes)
Would you crowdsource your pet's name?
Sure, why not?
47.8% (22 votes)
What if I don't like it?
43.5% (20 votes)
I did and it was fun.
8.7% (4 votes)

According to Examiner.com, people choose names for their pets with the same intent and emotion as naming their children. But some would say it's just a little too strange to crowdsource a child's name than a pet's name.

Maybe, who you're asking and crowdsourcing from that could make all the difference—strangers or friends?

How much public input do we really want in our personal lives? Do you find that we are all fairly similiar when it comes to how much personal information we keep private and how much we share? Or do the people in your community (friends, workmates, and neighbors) have wildly different preferences when it comes to personal "space" and private matters?

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