Which gadget are you most thankful for?

mobile phone
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Which gadget are you most thankful for?
Smart phone
38.8% (114 votes)
38.8% (114 votes)
12.2% (36 votes)
5.4% (16 votes)
Other (tell us in the comments)
4.8% (14 votes)

It's that time of year when everyone pauses to be thankful. At opensource.com, we want to know which gadget you're MOST thankful for. Which device could you not survive without? Personally I know I'm 100% attached to my smart phone.  So you know my vote.

Let us know which gadget is your favorite and tell us why in the comments!

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Stuart's picture

Smartphone, though netbook is a close second.

mackanic's picture
Open Source Sensei

I recently got an e-reader and think it is fantastic. No more carrying around books :)

Slackstone's picture

This year ....

The Raspberry Pi

Gary Newell's picture

I'm with Slackstone. The Raspberry PI.

Unidentified's picture

Desktop Computer
CD Player

ammaro's picture


dragonbite's picture
Open Minded

I say laptop, in part because I am one of the few that don't have a smartphone yet.

Although with the recent power-outage from Sandy I do see the benefit of a smartphone in those scenarios. My chromebook includes free 3G (until January) so that became one point of contact to the outside world.

So if I had a smartphone, I suspect I would select that.

Ultimately, though, either means is to what I am even more thankful for: the Internet. :)

Paul Tap's picture

The Raspberry Pi, for sure!

RKGraves's picture

Netbooks! For me they have the best of everything I need. Long battery life, flexibility in software, flexibility in OS's, lots of connectivity options, and portability.

rformisa's picture

My chromebook a laptop I don't have to wait to start using.

Jen Wike's picture

@rformisa I just got mine and am loving it so far!