The open source thank you challenge

thank you the open source way
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A simple thank you goes a long way. That's why I would like to thank you, our readers and contributors, for making a vibrant community. We have experienced tremendous growth over the last year and much of that is because of you. Now, I'd like to challenge you to help us pay it forward—with just a simple thank you.

Over the next week, try to thank at least five people that have contributed to an open source project you care about.

Think about all the ways we help each other when we collaborate and are inspired by the spirit of open source and the open source way. Maybe someone contributed documentation, reported a bug, reviewed code, completed testing on your project or one of your favorite projects? Perhaps you're thankful for something as simple as the person who created a graphic, sent out an e-newsletter, or shared your project on social media? can help! We have free eCards here: (And, all images are CC BY-SA!)

While you're considering the people in your life to thank, there are also some great organizations out there doing amazing things for open source. Be sure to consider these foundations and groups this year.

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Open Source Sensei

I decided to share a few of the folks that I sent a short, thank you note to. Although, my list of people to thank stays pretty long:

Dries, Simon Phipps, Leigh Heyman, Kevin Curry, Stephen Walli, and all of our community moderators!