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The team is happy to announce the addition of four new community moderators to our team. You've probably read some of their articles on the site. And because they are so passionate about doing things the open source way and sharing their stories, we've upgraded their open source status.

With the addition of these outstanding community members, we are officially launching our community moderator program. This program will identify key contributors and advocates and provide them with a framework for how they can contribute more intensly to our community. They will also play an advisory role on our team concerning future decisions about the site and our community.

Twice a year we will invite new moderators to the team by monitoring contributors who have reached Rock Star status or who are approaching 100 points on the site. After a contributor has agreed to becoming an moderator, they recieve a welcome kit providing them with tips and resources to be successful in this role. New moderators also receive a robust SWAG kit for their commitment.

Nicole Engard
Nicole Engard
Carolyn Fox
Carolyn Fox
Luis Ibanez
Luis Ibanez
Phil Shapiro
Phil Shapiro

Please welcome Nicole Engard, Carolyn Fox, Luis Ibanez, and Phil Shapiro.

They have made a one year commitment to be a community moderator and will contribute at least two posts per month. We thank them for their commitment and are very excited to have them as part of our team.

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Open Source Sensei

Congratulations Nicole, Carolyn, Luis and Phil! Impressive contributions to this community from all of you.

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Open Minded

Congratulations to all of our new moderators! :)


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Open Enthusiast

Congrats !