Applying open source principles to government

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Applying open source principles to government

open government ebook coverAt, we look at the intersection of open source and government, with a special focus on the ways governments adopt and release new technologies and can cultivate open source communities. We document the way that open source principles—participation, transparency, collaboration, sharing, meritocracy, community, and rapid prototyping—have enormous value beyond the technology sector. Citizen movements around open voting, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request tracking, and even crowdsourced legislation, represent a growing trend of open source principles within government.

Download the free eBookThis collection features stories about government initiatives around the world, from the first two years of They illustrate the impact of open source on government and vice versa. There is a long journey left and we hope you'll share your experiences with us.

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 Articles in this eBook

—Pia Waugh, Adviser to Senator Kate Lundy

—Mark Bohannon, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Global Public Policy at Red Hat

—John Scott, Technologist in the Department of Defense and US Government

—Gunnar Hellekson, Chief Technology Strategist for Red Hat's US Public Sector group

—Abhi Nemani, Director of Strategy and Communications at Code for America

—Marek Mahut, System Engineer for Red Hat Czech

—Tom Moritz, Project Director at Sonoma Valley Heritage Coalition

—Jason Hibbets, Project Manager in Corporate Marketing at Red Hat


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