Poll: Upcoming open source conferences
Let us know which of these upcoming conferences you plan on attending and if you'd like to submit an event report.
5 comments Posted 21 Nov 2011 by Jason Hibbets (Red Hat) Feed
Reading some stories recently, it would be easy to conclude that there was some sort of a decline in open source. I'll not pretend to have new and objective data on the subject, but having just returned from OSCON in the USA I have to say rumours of the death of open source are premature.
1 comment Posted 15 Aug 2011 by Simon Phipps Feed
The theme of OSCON 2011 is "From disruption to default." While that certainly captures the status of open source these days, it isn't exactly news to anyone attending the conference. But the welcoming keynote addresses and early sessions devoted to data scalability and Java seem to be giving... Read more
2 comments Posted 27 Jul 2011 by Colin Dodd (Red Hat) Feed
It was my great pleasure to attend POSSCON 2011 this year. I had the opportunity to do a keynote, a panel discussion, and a technical talk, wearing the hats of both developer as well as "FOSS expert." And that dual-hat nature defines the conference itself quite well. Imagine if OSCON and OSBC had a... Read more
2 comments Posted 22 Apr 2011 by Jim Jagielski (Red Hat) Feed