Linux distributions compared
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You know how on TV, NFL analysts will pit one football team against another and say what areas they need to execute well in order to win the game?... » Read More
101 comments Posted 3 Feb 2014 Maricelle Thomas Feed
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I'm a newcomer to the tech industry. I don't have a degree in Computer Science or Engineering. I'm a writer by trade and training, so coming to work... » Read More
65 comments Posted 7 Feb 2014 Jodi Biddle (Red Hat) Feed
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Last year, covered some popular open source project management tools (ProjectLibre, ]project-open[, and OpenProject.) We found these... » Read More
62 comments Posted 6 Jan 2014 Robin Muilwijk Feed
developing possibilities
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Are you an XP user looking for a similar alternative? Is your PC aging but you don't care for the Windows 8 Metro interface?
41 comments Posted 18 Feb 2014 Maricelle Thomas Feed
open source tools for writing
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Most of us encounter parts of our workday where we must write or document something. Whether for building out the plan of a project, for the... » Read More
36 comments Posted 8 May 2014 Jen Wike Huger (Red Hat) Feed
Penguin swimming underwater
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The new edX course, Introduction to Linux, is hosted by The Linux Foundation and teaches newbies all about Linux. Jen Wike takes the course and gives... » Read More
35 comments Posted 29 Aug 2014 Jen Wike Huger (Red Hat) Feed
Open thread
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While is preparing for our upcoming Beginners in Open Source Week starting February 17, we want to hear from our readers about which... » Read More
33 comments Posted 30 Jan 2014 (Red Hat) Feed
Linux operating systems for kids
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I can see the brightness of curiosity in my six year old niece Shuchi's eyes when she explores a mobile phone or manipulates the idiot box with its... » Read More
30 comments Posted 14 Jan 2014 Aseem Sharma Feed
open source on the job
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If you work in an organization that isn’t focused on development, where computer systems are used to support other core business functions, getting... » Read More
27 comments Posted 12 May 2014 Robin Isard Feed
open education
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Whatever you may have heard about hackers, the truth is they do something really, really well: discover. Hackers are motivated, resourceful, and... » Read More
26 comments Posted 25 Feb 2014 Pete Herzog Feed
Choose Linux to replace Windows XP
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Today, as Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP, a 12 year old operating system, users all over the world find themselves with only a few... » Read More
26 comments Posted 8 Apr 2014 Luis Ibanez Feed
Woman sitting in front of her computer
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If you're going to staring at a terminal emulator for any significant portion of your day, you had better make it pleasing to your eyes.
25 comments Posted 8 Sep 2014 (Red Hat) Feed
women in open source
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There are few women developers and even proportionately less working in open source communities. However, a career in OSS is ideal for women who are... » Read More
24 comments Posted 5 Feb 2014 Erynn Petersen Feed
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When Versata Software sued Ameriprise Financial Services for breaching its software license, it unwittingly unearthed a GPL violation of its own and... » Read More
20 comments Posted 30 Jul 2014 Aaron Williamson Feed

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