Looking at a map for career journey
As we ring in a new year that many hope will look a lot different than 2020, I propose we try to keep a few things that difficult year gave us:
Binary code on a computer screen
Radare2 is an open source tool custom-made for binary analysis.
Working from home at a laptop
Organizing notes across multiple written and digital platforms is a serious challenge. Here's a tip to organize your notes better and find what you need quickly.
A chair in a field.
Moving work online created challenges and opportunities for innovation in 2020.
Tips and gears turning
Start using the modern method for configuring a Linux network interface.
Empty plastic water bottle on sand pollution trash
OpenLitterMap enables citizen scientists to use GIS to tag litter problems in their communities.
Team checklist
Break your larger tasks into small steps to keep from being overwhelmed.
Working on a team, busy worklife
Easy!Appointments is an open source appointment scheduler filled with features to make planning your day easier.
Package wrapped with brown paper and red bow
A book club takes its annual gift exchange online with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.