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Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage today, and its massive impact on the world is still to come, says the Association for the Advancement of... Read more
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An open culture doesn't mean being light on security practices. Having executives on board with cybersecurity, including funding it adequately, is critical for protecting and securing company data.
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The pyAudioProcessing library classifies audio into different categories and genres.
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It's been two decades since IBM got onboard with Linux on the mainframe. Here's what happened.
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Expand Z-shell's capabilities with themes and plugins installed with Oh My Zsh.
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Moving beyond the scarcity mindset of "open core."
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The Trust The Vote project is developing open source technology to help keep elections honest.
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Configuring his young daughters' computers with Ansible made it simple for this dad to manage the family's computers.
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Improve your shell game by upgrading from Bash to Z-shell.