A sprout in a forest
The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is hosting its core conference for the fifth year running.
Cheat Sheet cover image
Download our new cheat sheet for Bash commands and shortcuts you need to talk to your computer.
"open" over an ocean
Restorative ocean farming shows promise on many fronts. Learn how open source underwater vertical 3D farming is propelling this trend into the future.
A lock on the side of a building
Integrate your Linux self-hosted Bitwarden instance with AD using Bitwarden Directory Connector.
Cosmic stars in outer space
Learn how to program video games with Python's Pygame module and start manipulating gravity.
Python in a coffee cup.
Documentation is best as part of the development process. Sphinx, along with Tox, makes it easy to write and beautiful to look at.
Coding on a computer
Quickly climb the learning curve of open source with lessons distilled from experienced practitioners.
A sunrise
Python 2 will reach its end of life in mere weeks. Here's what to know before you migrate to Python 3.
Coffee beans
Embrace Java applications on your desktop, and run them on all of your desktops.