Tools in a cloud
Choose tools that provide maximum flexibility in software integration and delivery.
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The fd command is a popular, user-friendly alternative to the find command.
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Configure persistent application settings with the Lua programming language.
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Install Bywater BASIC on your FreeDOS system and start experimenting with BASIC programming.
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The dust command is a more intuitive implementation of the du command written in Rust.
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There are several popular formats for configuration files, each with its own strengths. Find what works best for you.
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If you're already familiar with GNU Emacs, you should feel right at home in Freemacs.
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Tealdeer is a Rust implementation of tldr, which provides easy-to-understand information about common commands.
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BASIC was my entry into computer programming. I haven't written BASIC code in years, but I'll always have a fondness for BASIC and GW-BASIC.