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At this year's Texas Linux Fest, Rackspace's Major Hayden gave a talk on dealing with impostor syndrome.
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teacher learner
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The philosophy of the open organization has implications in the field of education, community moderator Don Watkins explains.
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Cosmos Laundromat (or Project Gooseberry for those of us who have been following its production from the start) isn't just a 10-minute short film. It... » Read More
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Book stack
Education » Article
Student sys admins need hands-on, practical experience with a wide variety of software. We look at how one professor trains future system... » Read More
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In her Texas Linux Fest keynote, Joan Touzet talked to us about how to improve our open source communities.
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The Open Organization » Article
Recently, General Electric representatives visited Red Hat's Atlanta offices to learn more about open organizations. Our conversation was... » Read More
4 comments Posted 1 Sep 2015 Jackie Yeaney (Red Hat) Feed
school supplies for back to school
Education » Article
Charlie Reisinger takes a look at a few affordable and stress-free open source software tools to help students and teachers make learning fun and... » Read More
8 comments Posted 31 Aug 2015 Charlie Reisinger Feed
Linux Story text with binary code background
Life » Article
Gauthamraj Elango is from a small, rural town in southern India. His academic studies floundered, and then he found Linux. From there he has... » Read More
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Deb Nicholson gave a fascinating talk about privacy and surveillance at this year's Texas Linux Fest.
1 comment Posted 31 Aug 2015 Nicole C. Engard Feed
Blue clouds, OpenStack
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Interested in keeping track of what is happening in the open source cloud? is your source for news in OpenStack, the open source cloud... » Read More
0 comments Posted 31 Aug 2015 Jason Baker (Red Hat) Feed


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