rust_gpizero uses the Rust programming language to do physical computing on the Raspberry Pi.
Team checklist
TiDB, an open source-compatible, cloud-based database engine, simplifies many of MySQL database administrators' common tasks.
Chat bubbles
Take a look at a dozen options for your next NLP application.
Neutron Star
OpenStack's Stein release offers a variety of network connectivity-as-a-service enhancements to support 5G, the IIoT, and edge computing use cases.
computer servers processing data
Wrangle, aggregate, and filter data at scale using your friendly SQL with a twist.
Team checklist and to dos
This tutorial explains how to leverage relational databases at scale using Spark SQL and DataFrames.
This article includes six open source productivity tools.
Open data brain
Uber is using data to build stronger relationships with its open source software contributors.
Team communication, chat
Keep in touch with far-flung family, friends, and colleagues without sacrificing your privacy.