rust_gpizero uses the Rust programming language to do physical computing on the Raspberry Pi.
Controllers can ease a sysadmin's workload by handling things like creating and managing DNS addresses and SSL certificates.
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Try these tips and tricks to optimize Ansible and improve its speed and performance.
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Learn to use Vim enough to get by at work or for a new project.
Combine your love for open source software with your love for the community in a way that allows you to invest your time in both.
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TiDB, an open source-compatible, cloud-based database engine, simplifies many of MySQL database administrators' common tasks.
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Take a look at a dozen options for your next NLP application.
Neutron Star
OpenStack's Stein release offers a variety of network connectivity-as-a-service enhancements to support 5G, the IIoT, and edge computing use cases.
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Wrangle, aggregate, and filter data at scale using your friendly SQL with a twist.