Cheat Sheet cover image
If you're going to explore Rust this year, download our free Rust cheat sheet, so you have a quick reference for the basics.
Developing code.
Create and initialize a list of integers, first in Java and then in Groovy.
Colorful sound wave graph
Speech recognition in applications isn't just a fun trick but an important accessibility feature.
Chat via email
Rocket.Chat is an open source communications platform for organizations that put data privacy first.
Working from home at a laptop
My experience with contributing to open source projects helped me land my dream job in tech.
Person using a laptop
Various Linux systems handle assistive technologies differently. Here are a few helpful settings for seeing, hearing, typing, and more.
woman on laptop sitting at the window
The Linux command line is known for being a productivity powerhouse. It's also a place to have some fun, too!
Gaming artifacts with joystick, GameBoy, paddle
Bitsy is an open source video game designer. Its minimalistic features make it prime for anyone to explore their creativity.
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The Go team has accepted a proposal to add fuzz testing support to the language.