Looking at a map for career journey
As we ring in a new year that many hope will look a lot different than 2020, I propose we try to keep a few things that difficult year gave us:
Community awards
To every single author who wrote for Opensource.com in 2020, thank you and we celebrate you today!
Selfcare, drinking tea on the porch
Inbox Zero is a concept that helps you manage and prioritize all that overwhelming email.
Brain on a computer screen
Just months after dipping my toes into open source, I learned lessons as a college intern that will help anyone writing and contributing code to a community.
Reading a book, selfcare
Curl up with a good book about DevOps this winter.
Working on a team, busy worklife
KDE is great, but it really shines when you use Kontact, the unified personal info manager.
Typewriter with hands
Note-taking is important, and plain text is an easy, neutral way to do it. Here are three tools you can spice up your notes without losing the ease and portability of plain text.
question mark in chalk
Programming languages tend to share many common traits. One great way to learn a new language is to create a familiar program. In this article, I will create a "guess the number" game by using awk to demonstrate familiar concepts.
Trust in open source is a positive feedback loop.