diagram of planning a cloud
The meteoric rise of containerization and microservices has been necessary to meet the growing demand for applications, but getting it right means... Read more
Polaroids and palm trees
Who needs to learn an image-editing application when you can do the job with open source tools you already know?
Tux and Android stuffed animals on shelf
Use a text editor, SSH into a computer, or even maintain your Kubernetes cluster right from the palm of your hand with Termux.
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Using a .gitignore file is a best practice for improving the quality of your code and Git repositories.
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Working from home at a laptop
Use iTerm2, Oh My Zsh, and Powerlevel10k to create a terminal built for productivity.
woman on laptop sitting at the window
Concentration offers a quick way to filter out distractions and focus on coding.
Brand and community balancing on a see-saw
A community's brand is its visual identity, its logo a unifying symbol. How does a community rebrand in the open?
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