Looking at a map for career journey
As we ring in a new year that many hope will look a lot different than 2020, I propose we try to keep a few things that difficult year gave us:
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen
Here's how I configured a VirtualBox VM to use a physical Windows drive on my Linux workstation.
Working on a team, busy worklife
Nextcloud can replace many of the online apps you use for collaboration, organization, and task management.
A person working.
In the future, we could be working in environments full of fragmented attention and extreme isolation. Are we prepared?
Javascript code close-up with neon graphic overlay
Take the first steps toward creating interactive, dynamic web content by practicing some basic JavaScript concepts with a simple game.
Note taking hand writing
Journaling has a long history. Here are three open source tools to help make your journaling life a little easier.
CrowdSec's new architecture improves communication among components to better protect systems against cybersecurity threats.
Kanban-style organization action
Use folders for what they're for - storing messages and tasks. Use labels to help you better organize what's in those folders.
Looking at a map
Learn how open source data science languages, libraries, and tools are helping us understand our world better by reviewing 2020's top 10 data science articles on Opensource.com.