The back of a kid head
In 1998, the movie Titanic was released, mobile phones were just a luxury, and pagers were still in use. This was also the year I got my first... Read more
Person looking up at the stars
Open source projects are helping to satisfy our curiosity about what lies far beyond Earth's atmosphere.
A python with a package.
Python supports imperative, functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming; here are tips on choosing the right one for a specific use case.
metrics and data shown on a computer screen
Protobuf encoding increases efficiency when exchanging data between applications written in different languages and running on different platforms.
Yellow and red record playing
In this installment of conversations with developers who build and maintain open source music players, we hear from Craig Drummond of Canata.
people in different locations who are part of the same team
Add users (and customize their accounts as needed) with the useradd command.
A cat under a keyboard.
The GNOME desktop makes it easy to use emoji in your communications.
Lots of people in a crowd.
Corporate constituencies are interested in finding out the business value of open source communities. Find out how to answer key questions with the right metrics.
Several houses
Try out furniture layouts, color schemes, and more in virtual reality before you go shopping in the real world.