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Some of the best technology is a moving target. When technology stagnates, society tends to outpace and outgrow it.
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Learn more about the long-beloved text editor that offers something for every user.
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If you're looking for a fast, easy Emacs editor without a long list of dependencies, give Jove a try.
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Since its inception, over 20 million questions have been asked on the site. Find out where their head is at during the pandemic.
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Nine-indicator standard aims to promote open source software, data, AI models, standards, and content for a more equitable world.
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Super Productivity empowers its users to adopt a healthy work-life balance so they can get more done.
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Vi is the quintessential Unix text editor. Get to know it—or any of its incarnations, Vim, Neovim, gVim, nvi, or Elvis, for Linux, macOS, Windows, or BSD.
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Emacs isn't a mere text editor; it places you in control and allows you to solve nearly any problem you encounter.
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Since Arm processors are "first-class citizens" in OpenStack, and Raspberry Pis are built on Arm, why not combine them?