Cartoon graphic of Raspberry Pi board
First things first: What are proxy servers, and why use them?
bash logo on green background
Use this script and save yourself the hassle and wasted paper of trying to manually load and print double-sided documents.
Image by Alan Formy-Duvall
Repurpose an old computer to support the new home-schooler in your life.
Filing cabinet for organization
You can use LaTeX for scientific and technical documents without all of the confusing commands and syntax you would normally need.
Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data
A weekly look at open source community and industry trends.
Working from home at a laptop
How does working from home work?
Person typing on a 1980's computer
How my early interest in computers got me hooked on a career as a sysadmin and Linux fan.
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Workshop slides can be viewed consistently on any browser, device, and platform with this easy workflow.
Scissors cutting open access to files
On Git's 15th anniversary, learn why it is a major component in keeping the software industry running.