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Members of the Opensource.com community share what books they are enjoying reading.
rename files
To rename a file in the terminal, move the file with mv from itself to itself with a new name. Here's an example.
After you install OpenVPN, it's time to configure it.
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One-one-one meetings are opportunities for growth. But that's only possible if you're transparent and collaborative about them.
Moving files
Use the mv command to move a file from one location to another.
Open ethernet cords.
After setting up a VPN server, the next step is installing and configuring OpenVPN.
Move around your computer
Learn to navigate from directory to directory in the Linux terminal.
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Argo CD is a simple pull-based GitOps deployment tool that syncs Kubernetes manifest files with a cluster for easy, no-nonsense deployments.
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The first step in building a VPN is setting up a VPN server.