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Scripts are potent ways to solve a problem repeatedly, and awk is an excellent language for writing them. It excels at easy text processing in... Read more
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Porting an awk script to Python is more about code style than transliteration.
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As organizations mature their DevOps practices, it's time to make the technical writer a bigger part of the team.
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Play your favorite internet radio stations—while keeping your personal data private—with PyRadio.
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You can work on the internals of one of the largest open source projects, even in your spare time.
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Master the pip packaging tool with this handy cheat sheet.
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D&I has tangible, measurable benefits for companies with the foresight to understand how it improves their products and operations.
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Protect your access to important projects by mirroring Git repositories with Ansible.
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Why is burnout so prevalent in open source communities, and what can we do about it?