bash logo on green background
BusyBox is an open source (GPL) project providing simple implementations of nearly 400 common commands.
books on shelves in a library, colorful
My library's IT Director shares her community's Linux journey.
woman on laptop sitting at the window
What is YAML, and why is it about time we started using it?
Holding a Magic the Gathering deckmaster card
The open source application Magic Assistant makes managing your Magic collection easy.
Clock, pen, and notepad on a desk
See how the watch command can let you know when a task has been completed or a command has been executed.
Python programming language logo with question marks
What I learned from adding "else-less" functionality to Python, as inspired by Ruby.
old school calculator
This article discusses installing NumPy, and then creating, reading, and sorting NumPy arrays.
Computer screen with files or windows open
The Beautiful Soup library in Python makes extracting HTML from web pages easy.
Person standing in front of a giant computer screen with numbers, data
Database sharding demonstrates the additional functionality of DistSQL.