Python game screenshot
Create new objects for your video games with Scratch's vector drawing app.
Data container block with hexagons
Brian Behlendorf talks about starting Apache, the tension between pragmatism and idealism, and why he’s excited about blockchain.
A person programming
Virt-manager provides a full range of options for spinning up virtual machines on Linux.
Gaming artifacts with joystick, GameBoy, paddle
The third annual open source game jam kicks off on September 27. Read more about this unique online experience and join in the fun!
A picture of the capitol building
The history of democracy and autocracy offers interesting parallels to how we develop and release software.
A python with a package.
Seemingly small choices made when using SQLAlchemy can have important implications on the object-relational mapping toolkit's performance.
Bright gears connecting
DevOps is about delighting our stakeholders with continuous business value, and how we manage transient faults is part of that.
Woman programming
Write once and convert your text into multiple formats. Here's how to get started with Markdown.
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See examples and learn the most important modules for automating everyday tasks with Ansible.