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Some time ago, I engaged with a Twitter thread that went viral among techies. The challenge? Pick only five tools that you cannot live without.
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Differentiation is what makes a product successful. Learn more in part two of this series on open source in the software supply chain.
Old UNIX computer
Install OpenBSD and the Xfce desktop to give a new spin to an old machine—for free.
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These helpful tips will change the way you work with the popular version control system.
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These handy modules save time and hassle by automating many of your daily tasks, and they're easy to implement with a few commands.
Gift box opens with colors coming out
Mirror, sync, upload, and publish Debian software packages with the pulp_deb plugin.
Brick wall between two people, a developer and an operations manager
How does transitioning into management change someone's view of working according to open principles?
Sky with clouds and grass
An open cloud helps developers maintain autonomy and security while taking advantage of the power and reach of the cloud.
Lots of people in a crowd.
CrowdSec aims to leverage the power of the crowd to create a very accurate IP reputation database