Programming books on a shelf
Less than a year ago, I was in San Quentin State Prison serving a life sentence.
Wratchet set tools
Take a fresh look at why DevOps is important, what it means for IT professionals, and its methods, frameworks, and tools.
a handshake
Declare a truce between ITSM and DevOps within your organization by learning these lessons.
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Discourse, Vanilla, Askbot, and more. Find out how to choose an open source Q&A platform.
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A quick primer on the handy log library that can help you master this important programming concept.
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Take a non-traditional route to a lucrative career by getting involved in the open source community.
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BlueJ provides a clean and simple IDE to help beginners get started with Java.
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Get control of your finances with HomeBank without breaking the bank.
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Any of these open source eBook applications will make it easy to read your books on a larger screen.