Digital images of a computer desktop
Everyone likes to set up their workspaces in a specific way; it helps your productivity and makes life easier to have things organized in a way that... Read more
Terminal command prompt on orange background
Customize a feature-rich terminal that's easy on system resources.
India on the globe
Open source projects can help change the world by removing barriers, linguistic and otherwise.
Digital images of a computer desktop
If you're considering an open source collaboration platform to meet your remote workforce's needs, here are five things to keep in mind.
Coffee and laptop
Open source means I can find Linux familiarity on any terminal.
Digital images of a computer desktop
These apps and themes help make my terminal my own.
Penguin, stylized, contributor spotlight
Open source communities welcome a diverse group of contributors, from every background and skill set.
11 CDs in a U shape
The history of HDCD format and how I recovered lost audio on Linux.
Sky with clouds and grass
wallset is a simple command-line utility that lets you liven up your Linux desktop.