Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
I first discovered Linux in 1993, when I was an undergraduate physics student who wanted the power of Big Unix on my home PC.
Globe up in the clouds
How the cloud motivates open source businesses to evolve quickly.
Coding on a computer
Ansible is best known for IT automation, but it can streamline operations across the entire organization.
Listen to the Command Line Heroes Podcast
COBOL remains the dominant language of mainframes. What can Go learn from its history to dominate the cloud?
Teacher or learner?
The ability to learn and adapt quickly isn't something our hiring algorithms typically identify. But by ignoring it, we're overlooking insightful and innovative job candidates.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
New Linux tracer analyzes production performance problems and troubleshoots software.
Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer
Sometimes the mv command isn't the best option when you need to move a file. So how else do you do it?
Hands programming
Find out how WebAssembly supplements JavaScript by providing better performance on compute-bound tasks.