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In general computing, an operating system is software that provides a computer's basic functions.
Teamwork starts with communication amongst teams and across silos
Take our poll to tell us what you enjoy most about virtual events within the open source community.
Education is essential to being a sysadmin, developer, or any type of IT professional
This annual developers' survey shows some of the key reasons for choosing open source. Weigh in on the results.
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Understanding the building blocks of container orchestration makes it easier to get started with Kubernetes.
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Create dynamic persistent volumes on a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster with the NFS-client provisioner.
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Install Kubernetes on several Raspberry Pis for your own "private cloud at home" container service.
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Since 1998, LinuxFr.org has brought information about open source and free software to a French-speaking audience, says Benoît Sibaud.
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Turning off atime is a small but effective way to improve system performance. Here's what it is and why it matters.
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AppImage distributes applications within self-contained environments that work on any Linux distribution.