Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
I first discovered Linux in 1993, when I was an undergraduate physics student who wanted the power of Big Unix on my home PC.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
New Linux tracer analyzes production performance problems and troubleshoots software.
Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer
Sometimes the mv command isn't the best option when you need to move a file. So how else do you do it?
Hands programming
Find out how WebAssembly supplements JavaScript by providing better performance on compute-bound tasks.
computer screen
At SCaLE 17, sysadmin Chris McEniry explains a unique approach to managing etcd controllers.
Filing papers and documents
Gocryptfs encrypts at the file level, so synchronization operations can work efficiently on each file.
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Ask yourself these essential career questions about cloud, DevOps, coding, and where you're going next in IT.
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Did you know you can build your own speaker systems? Muffsy creator shares how he got into making open audio hardware and why he started selling his designs to other DIYers.