Linux toy: ponysay
Bring the magic of My Little Pony to your Linux command line.
Artist's conception of the Curiosity rover vaporizing rock on Mars
NASA made the Mars Curiosity Rover open source from software to hardware to make it the highest quality...
Linux toy: figlet
Need make sure your command is heard? Pipe it to a banner and it won't be missed.
Learning to program
Programming is about languages, of course, but also much more. Along with good languages, programmers...
a big flag flying in a sea of other flags, teamwork
Your organization's purpose drives it. But can people explain what you do and why you do it in a single...
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Linux toy: asciiquarium
Darling it's better, when your command line is wetter, thanks to ASCII.
Help your friends dump their proprietary operating systems and make the move to open source.
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