Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer
Gaming, business, budgeting, art, programming, and more. These are just a few of the many ways anyone can use Linux.
Practicing empathy
Compare how six different knowledge-sharing communities approach gathering, maintaining, and distributing their best practices.
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The project is working to eliminate racism and other harmful prejudices from the project's code and community.
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To create innovative and engaged organizations, you'll need to set the conditions for open leaders to thrive. This checklist can help.
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Ancient remnants can create strange problems.
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Start exploring kubectl, containers, pods, and more, then download our free cheat sheet so you always have the key commands at your fingertips.
Taking a walk outside
Stress and burnout can affect open source communities, but we can all help.
Telnet's lack of encryption makes OpenSSL a safer option for connecting to remote systems.
Two government buildings
The Supreme Court's decision adds clarity around the fair use of APIs that will help software developers.