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Open source stars.

Stargaze from your Linux desktop or Android device with KStars.
Family learning and reading together at night in a room

Open source tools fueled innovation in teaching and learning in 2020, as schools moved online to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Computer hardware components, generic

MicroBlocks brings a Scratch-like interface to programming the Micro:bit, Circuit Playground Express, and other microcontroller boards.
Digital images of a computer desktop

Teach school remotely with the Moodle learning management system on Linux.
Penguin with green background

Boot up Linux on the small but powerful Intel NUC. Use it for coding, video conferencing, and more.

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Education is essential to being a sysadmin, developer, or any type of IT professional

Learn how to incorporate open source principles and technology into the classroom.
Person in a field of dandelions

Top authors on have new levels of access, support, and exclusive opportunities.
Summer reading list

13 books to inform and entertain you during the long, lazy days of summer.