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Take our poll or tell us about your favorite terminal trick. Is it a nifty productivity shortcut or a fun Easter egg?
Woman sitting in front of her laptop

In her All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk, Tara Gu shares tips from her experience contributing to Kubernetes as a hobby.
Team meeting

"Being the right person for DevOps is being more than just your ops/dev role," says Josh Atwell in his Lightning Talk at All Things Open 2019.
Women who code club

GitHub developer advocate Brian Douglas explains his Open Sauced side project and more in his All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk.
4 manilla folders, yellow, green, purple, blue

In his All Things Open 2019 Lightning Talk, K.S. Bhaskar explains VistA, a highly rated, open source alternative to proprietary electronic health record software.

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Participants will build an open source game in 72 hours or less, play and judge other games, and compete for a chance to have their creation featured at All Things Open.