10 ways to celebrate Earth Day with open source

Here's a roundup of our favorite articles about open source sustainability.
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Even though we strive to live every day like Earth Day here on Opensource.com, today is an especially good day to discover new ways to help the planet. Open source brings forth many possibilities for people from all areas and levels of technical expertise.

There are open source tools anyone can use to explore nature's magic, whether looking up at the night sky or down at the plants in your own backyard. Open source empowers web developers to build sustainability into their practice. Our readers love to rescue old computers with Linux, preventing them from piling up in landfills. Homeowners look to open source solutions for monitoring energy usage or installing EV stations. Opens source brings like-minded folks together to solve the world's biggest problems, like hunger and climate change. 

This Earth Day, take the time to reflect on how to incorporate open source into your sustainability habits. 

10 articles about open source sustainability
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