Stephan is a technology enthusiast who appreciates open source for the deep insight of how things work.
Stephan works as a full time support engineer in the mostly proprietary area of industrial automation software. If possible, he works on his Python-based open source projects, writing articles, or driving motorbike.

Authored Content

magnifying glass on computer screen, finding a bug in the code

The GNU Project Debugger is a powerful tool for finding bugs in programs.
Penguin driving a car with a yellow background

Interrupts are a crucial part of how computers process data.
woman on laptop sitting at the window

Reducing copy operations is a good way to increase runtime execution speed for performance-critical applications.
Magnifying glass on code

Knowing how to deal with dump files will help you find and fix hard-to-reproduce bugs in an application.
Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer

Knowing how Linux uses libraries, including the difference between static and dynamic linking, can help you fix dependency problems.