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Parse arguments with Lua

Arguments are vital to interactive computing, and the Lua programming language provides the {…​} expression to encapsulate varargs given at the time of launching a Lua script…

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Linux compose key cheat sheet

Unleash the power of Linux's secret keyboard keys. There's no compose key on your keyboard, at least not by default, but you can designate a key you're not otherwise using as…

Linux sudo cheat sheet

sudo is installed by default on most Linux systems and is available for most BSD and commercial Unix variants. Because sudo is often something you configure once then forget…

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Just to clarify, as the article correctly states:

  • Ctrl+A: Move to the start of a line
  • Ctrl+E: Move to the end of a line
  • Alt+F: Move foward by a word
  • Alt+B: Move back by a word


  • Ctrl+F: Move forward by a character
  • Ctrl+B: Move back by a character

These shortcuts are provided by GNU Readline, and adds Emacs-like navigation to a shell.

You can read more about it with this command:

info readline --node "Readline bare essentials"

To use the open source pscp application in the open source Powershell application on the non-open source Windows OS, you need to know how to add it to the system's path. This article demonstrates that.

(We did attempt to demonstrate the same thing on ReactOS instead, but the process is considerably different.)