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Person drinking a hot drink at the computer

Get to know printf, a mysterious, flexible, and feature-rich alternative to echo, print, and cout.
Person programming on a laptop on a building

Bash may be more popular, but tcsh has advantages that make it more appealing in certain cases.
Tux and Android stuffed animals on shelf

Use a text editor, SSH into a computer, or even maintain your Kubernetes cluster right from the palm of your hand with Termux.
Ship captain sailing the Kubernetes seas

A new free eBook offers step-by-step instructions for creating a private cloud at home, including what you can do with it when you're done.
old school calculator

Do better math in the shell with bc, a mathematical language for advanced calculation.

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Working from home at a laptop correspondents share their favorite tools for churning out words.
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Members of the team stress-test five open source video-conferencing applications so you don't have to.
Open and closed source

Take a look at five great open source alternatives to Google Docs.
Community awards

Thank you to all of our community members.
A confusing business organization chart

In this roundup of open source project management tools, we look at software that helps support Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methods.