Seth Kenlon is a UNIX geek, free culture advocate, independent multimedia artist, and D&D nerd. He has worked in the film and computing industry, often at the same time. He is one of the maintainers of the Slackware-based multimedia production project Slackermedia.

Authored Content

Woman programming

Stay resilient by keeping your open source code in an open source repository.
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Start automating your repetitive tasks by getting to know Ansible's modules, YAML structure, and more.
Coffee and laptop

MacPorts is an easy way to get open source applications and keep them updated on macOS.
doodles of arrows moving in different directions

Both terms imply that things happen without your direct intervention. But the way you get to those results, and the tools you use to make them happen, differ.
Gaming on a grid with penguin pawns

Mythic Table allows users to share Dungeons and Dragons game maps online.

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People work on a computer server with devices

If your application isn't working—or you're just looking for more information—these 20 commands will come in handy.
and old computer and a new computer, representing migration to new software or hardware

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