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What an open license means to gamers

When you release something to the world with the intent for it to be reused, shared, and maybe even remixed, apply an open license to it as a way of reassuring your…

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A guide to Lua

Lua is a programming language designed for simplicity and performance, used by video game and multimedia companies as a front-end scripting language. Whether you want to want…

Linux compose key cheat sheet

Unleash the power of Linux's secret keyboard keys. There's no compose key on your keyboard, at least not by default, but you can designate a key you're not otherwise using as…

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Hi KHORFOX, running the code as written, using bwbasic, definitely works as expected. I wonder if you might be encontering a difference in BASIC implementations, or else some shell escaping issue.

What BASIC are you running?

That's a great use for this. I might add that service on my desktop too.


I'm glad this article has helped!