Seth Kenlon is a UNIX geek, free culture advocate, independent multimedia artist, and D&D nerd. He has worked in the film and computing industry, often at the same time. He is one of the maintainers of the Slackware-based multimedia production project Slackermedia.

Authored Content

Working from home at a laptop

Kubernetes' advantages aren't just what it can do, they're also what knowing it can do for you.
Package wrapped with brown paper and red bow

Learn how to install packages on Linux with the dnf command, then download our cheat sheet to keep the right command at your fingertips.
Looking at a map

To help you get the most out of your summer, but also satiate the real need to plan for the coming school year, we've collected some of our favorite concise guides to help you plan.
Terminal command prompt on orange background

Use a Bash alias to launch Flatpak applications without dropping out of the terminal to the desktop.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

Get to know KDE Plasma's Info Center, a lifesaver when you need to know your Linux machine's specs quickly.

Contributed Content

Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer

Get these quick commands to figure out what Linux kernel version and distribution your system is running.
Computer screen with files or windows open

Batch files are a great way to write your own simple programs and automate tasks that normally require lots of typing.
woman on laptop sitting at the window

Learn how to make, remove, copy, and do other things with directories and files in FreeDOS.
Raspberry Pi 3 board

There are a number of different models and versions of the Raspberry Pi computer. But which one is...
Files in a folder

Learn how to create, edit, and name files in FreeDOS.