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Hand putting a Linux file folder into a drawer

Connecting to a remote Linux system over SSH is just plain easy. Here's how to do it.
Penguin with green background

Know how to terminate processes and reclaim system resources with the ps, kill, and killall commands.
Chat via email

Add a little style to your status updates by posting text in script, fraktur, or double-strike characters.
Shaking hands, networking

Get tips and strategies to help you leverage open principles in your organization.
Open for business

Open source software is open for business, as evidenced in the these top 5 articles from 2019.

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Gift box opens with colors coming out

What was the best gift you received as a sysadmin? Take our poll and check out some gift ideas for Sysadmin Appreciation Day.

Celebrating Penguin Awareness Day with stories about the moment we learned about Linux.