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C programming cheat sheet

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

C is a straightforward compiled programming language. Other programming languages borrow concepts from C, which makes C a great starting point if you want to learn programming

Cheat sheet: awk

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

If you need to extract data from files, or simply display data in a new way, you need a script. AWK is a scripting language that does exactly that in a straightforward way. It

Cheat sheet: Groff Macros

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

Like other text formatting systems, groff is built around macros. This flexibility means you can use the macro set best meets your needs to write your documents. A groff input

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I've been using Linux since 1993 and I didn't realize until your article that you could change a link without deleting it first. I've always used 'rm' then another 'ln -s'

Thanks for sharing!

Hi David - glad you liked the article! I agree, TheDraw was a great DOS program for drawing ASCII art. As you mentioned, you can output the file to see it in full color. Use TYPE on FreeDOS, or 'cat' on Linux. You'll need to load an ANSI driver on FreeDOS, like the open source NANSI.SYS driver. Linux terminals are modified color ANSI terminals, so should display ANSI escapes by default.

Another way to write this program for DOS is to copy the array directly to video memory. But I thought showing it "character by character" using _setbkcolor and _settextcolor would help others to make their own programs with color text. :-)