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C programming cheat sheet

C is a straightforward compiled programming language. Other programming languages borrow concepts from C, which makes C a great starting point if you want to learn programming…

Cheat sheet: awk

If you need to extract data from files, or simply display data in a new way, you need a script. AWK is a scripting language that does exactly that in a straightforward way. It…

Cheat sheet: Groff Macros

Like other text formatting systems, groff is built around macros. This flexibility means you can use the macro set best meets your needs to write your documents. A groff input…

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Excellent article! I'll add that for anyone who wants to try this on FreeDOS, the Bywater BASIC package is included in the FreeDOS 1.3 Bonus installation CD.

I already have a webcam, but I loved this article so much that I think I'll try to set up my old digital camera as a webcam, just to do it. Thanks for the great article!