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Rust cheat sheet

Ferris the crab under the sea, unofficial logo for Rust programming language

Rust is a programming language focusing on speed, concurrency, and safety. Thanks to its integration with online registries, its helpful compiler, and its almost intuitive

Kdenlive cheat sheet

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

Kdenlive is a robust open source video editing application. Though it is a powerful editor with lots of features, don't let that intimidate you. These keyboard shortcuts

Linux cron cheat sheet

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

The cron system is a form of automation that puts something on a schedule. That "something" could be many different things. You can make your computer do what you want it to

Linux wget cheat sheet

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

The wget command downloads files from the Internet. Unlike downloading files from a graphical window in your web browser, this Linux utility is designed to be non-interactive

Linux logrotate cheat sheet

Blender Hotkey Cheat Sheet

The logrotate utility is excellent at managing logs. It rotates, compresses, and mails system logs. This cheat sheet contains configuration options and a handy example. Keep

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I have to admit that as yet I've never played mahjongg. I'll read up on it, and give it a try.

GPlanarity looks amazing. I'm going to install it today and try it out.

Portable puzzles is also intriguing. Yes, this is another one (er, several) I'll try out.