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Cheat sheet: Git

Version control is an important tool for anyone looking to track their changes these days. It's especially helpful for programmers, sysadmins, and site reliability engineers…

Perl cheat sheet

Perl is a robust programming language with tens of thousands of libraries, GUI frameworks, a spin-off language called Raku, and an active and passionate community. It's a…

Rust cheat sheet

Rust is a programming language focusing on speed, concurrency, and safety. Thanks to its integration with online registries, its helpful compiler, and its almost intuitive…

Kdenlive cheat sheet

Kdenlive is a robust open source video editing application. Though it is a powerful editor with lots of features, don't let that intimidate you. These keyboard shortcuts…

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It's so .. kool...  to see so many Krusader fans speaking up!

My favourite grep options are --with-filename and --ignore-case.  One ignores case, and the other displays which of many files my search string appears. Brilliant.