Learn JavaScript in 2023

Download our new JavaScript programming guide in honor of the popular programming language's 27th anniversary.
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With JavaScript’s 27th anniversary approaching in just a few days, we at Opensource.com are reflecting on how it has evolved into one of the most commonly-used programming language in the world. Why is it so popular? JavaScript is a universal language beloved by developers of all levels from beginners to advanced users. It can run anywhere from your phone to your server. And of course, there are the frameworks. From ReactJS to AureliaJS, there’s a framework for nearly every use case. Best of all, JavaScript is supported by a thriving open source community. 

To celebrate JavaScript’s milestone, we’ve put together a collection of JavaScript tutorials to help you continue your development journey. Authors Mandy Kendall, Seth Kenlon, Jessica Cherry, Sachin Samal, Ajay Pratap, and Ramakrishna Pattnaik contributed to this downloadable eBook. With it, you’ll have a chance to practice your JavaScript code by writing a guessing game. Then get familiar with React and even build your own app. This JavaScript guide gives you quick access to more than 165 terms you need to know to level up your skills. 

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Learn JavaScript: 6 tutorials

No matter where you are on your JavaScript journey, this downloadable guide has the tutorial for you. This eBook contains a collection of tutorials written by Mandy Kendall…

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