Tech nomad, working in about anything I can find.
Evangelist of silo prevention in the IT space, the importance of information sharing with all teams.
Believer in educating all and open source development.
Lover of all things tech.
All about K8s, chaos and anything new and shiny I can find!

Authored Content

magnifying glass on computer screen, finding a bug in the code

Find and fix errors in your Helm charts and Kubernetes configuration files with KubeLinter.
Two people chatting via a video conference app

In case you missed them, you can still watch the recordings.
Tips and gears turning

Build your continuous integration/continuous delivery adoption plan by looking back at the top articles of 2020.
Selfcare, calm routine

"Zoom fatigue" creates a different type of exhaustion, but there are ways to deal better with it.
Green graph of measurements

Updating your environment to Terraform 0.12 is not for the faint of heart, but this how-to will make it less painful.

Contributed Content

Person using a laptop

Members of the team stress-test five open source video-conferencing applications so you don't have to.